Dedicated Cloud

Standard High Memory VM

Dedicated Cloud provides the essential features to develop, launch and scale web and mobile applications. Dedicated Cloud uses powerful Intel E5 processors and 15k SAS file system architected on Supermicro ZFS SAN Server.

Flexible to run SmartOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Linux or Windows operating systems.

Dedicated Cloud is Simple and Affordable.

Pricing start $37.5 (US) monthly.

Enterprise Cloud

High CPU + Memory VM

Enterprise Cloud VM comes with a tremendous increased power- Twelve (12) cores of Intel E5 processor, Enterprise SAS SAN Server with SSD-Cache SAN Server for performance.

Enterprise Cloud is aimed at delivering consistent performance across a wide range of loads and can handle unpredictable usage patterns of today’s demanding intensive apps.

Enterprise Cloud is Assuring Performance.

Pricing start $50 (US).

Total Cloud

High CPU + Memory + SSD VM (Coming Soon)

Easily deploy any combination of cloud computing resources and full dedicated server capability to create the ultimate flexible VM environments for your needs.

Another level of advanced caching to free memory, Total Cloud provides enhance disk I/O by using RAID10 SSD SAN and minimize CPU utilization.

Total Cloud is Power and Freedom.

S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2 Cores 3 GB 50 GB FREE $37.5

For Dedicated Cloud VM, each VM Node is increment of +1 CPU Cores (2Ghz each core), 3GB RAM, 50GB Storage, 1 IPv4 and Unmetered Inbound Outbound Transfer. For Enterprise Cloud VM, all 12 CPU is allocated with different CPU priorities. For starter VM’s CPU core (1GHz), 1GB RAM, 25GB Storage and 1 IPv4.

Try download these to determine the best location for you: US West APAC

APAC & EU Zone currently only open for Private Cloud, please contact us for this.

DC1 Node
PRICE $37.5

Why Cloudiro's Cloud VM?

Looking for powerful business cloud hosting?

Get the most of out scalable and easy to use virtual hosting with our Dedicated Cloud solution.

Cloudiro's Dedicated Cloud hosting gives you flexibility to control your resources. The hardware, software and resources are dedicated exclusively to your deployment.

All cloud servers are built on powerful Supermicro Intel E5 multi Hex Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SAN Storage.

Our Dedicated Cloud plans give you choices of high memory performance VM. Start from DC1 Node is good enough for you to spin off a decent high traffic website. When you need more power, it's just a click away to upgrade.

Our virtualization engine powered by OnApp with Top-notch hardware setup. We support Windows Server and Linux OS VM.

Start A Cloud Hosting today, here is what you would get:

  • FREE Migration and Installation *
  • FREE Web App Scaling Consultation *
  • FREE Chef setup and Gitlab account *

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* open a support ticket to get the job done.

Pay and Scale as you go

No need for large initial costs but pay only what you need. Get your idea executed quickly and add more whenever your demands requires. We provide suitable pricing packages for increased power, memory and storage as your site traffic grows.

Cloudiro removes the entry barriers to the cloud and keeps pricing affordable for businesses.

Simple and Affordable

For US located VM, pricing start with $37.5. Starter VM Node is available for your staging Cloud, for a cheaper alternative.

Our Cloud VM management and provisioning takes place through an intuitive UI. We offer the best value for quality cloud solutions.

Developer Friendly

An extensive Knowledge base is set up just for you to guide you through preparing your Cloud. Our articles are continuously added to facilitate managing your Cloud and deployment related know-hows.

Equipped with these information, you can deploy a Virtual Machine (VM) with a breeze.